Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pregnancy Announcements!!

Here are two of our most recent pregnancy announcements!! If you have an announcement to make via blog, please send your announcement to Melissa at or and we'll post it for you! Congrats to this month's newly expectant ladies!

"My husband Kevin and I are expecting our third child on September 13. This was a bit of a surprise for us but we believe it is such a blessing from God. We have a boy, named Caleb, who will be 3 in June and a girl, named Jenna, who is almost 17 months. I think we will be finding out the sex. I am hoping that it is a boy so I can convince my husband that 3 children is a good place to stop ( I think if it was a girl we would have to try for another boy). I have been feeling nauseous but I only have gotten sick once (which is great for me this far along). I am so excited to see who this baby looks like!" - Melanie Danzeisen

"I am due in late September, we definitely plan to find out the sex of the baby (hubby's praying BOY) Kid #4 (first three girls). We tried for TWO YEARS (!!?!!!!), so this pregnancy is very planned and very wanted. I've been feeling terrible but am still happy about it because it's SO WORTH IT. I'm now scooted into the 'high risk' category because I'm OLD. OLD?!! I still have pimples, I can't possibly be old. After this one, it'll be curtains for my uterus." - Kristi Newman

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