Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here is some information from one of our MOPS moms, Denise Keller. We hope that you all will find this useful!

I have decided to take charge of this and make it handy for all of us who use coupons.

This is the way it is going to work:

1. Everyone write down any coupon sites you know

2. Everyone write down either the manufacturer or the brand of items for which you need coupons

3. Using these lists, this information will be shared and available for use

4. Bring coupons you do not use, but know that others will use

5. They will be seperated by the following:

a.grocery items (food/canned goods,cereal,etc.)

b.paper products (paper towels, toliet paper,etc.)

c.Baby (diapers,formula,training pants,etc.)

6. I don't forsee any other catagories nescessary - feel free to let me know

7. You will need to check the coupon boxes for the coupons you need

8. At the end of every month, I will throw away any coupons that have not been taken, whether they are expired or not to reduce the amount of coupons that need to be looked through.

Other than that, happy cutting and saving!!!!

I would like to keep this going even when MOPS is not meeting so maybe we can come up with times and days to meet to keep sharing the coupons?!?

Loadable sites:(these load into your store card)
You can also link your store card with your cell phone-see www.frysfood.com for more info
Thank you!
Denise Keller

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