Thursday, April 15, 2010

Burning Questions 4/15

Were your Burning Questions answered today? Mine sure were, but that may have to do with the amazing women surrounding me at today's MOPS meeting.

A special Thank You to the Emerald table for a great variety pack of food. That fresh pineapple stirred a discussion on the desire for a shopping trip.

Next meeting..... Thursday, May 6th, and the Mentor Moms are taking care of the entire meeting. We are CRAZY excited because they have been there done that and know what mothers of Preschoolers can appreciate... (maybe even more than all the kids down for a nap and the kitchen floor has already been cleaned, ooh ooh, by your husband, and the right way! Ha!!)

Upcoming Events…
Wednesdays, MOM Time Wednesday at 6:30-7:50 at Casey's home. Childcare is provided at the Church.

Thursday, April 22nd PARK DATE Trailside Point Park 9:30-11:30

Friday, April 30th MOPS Night Out @ Nails Of The World (Nail salon next to 51st Ave Safeway) Please be sure to RSVP via evite. Thanks Jenn Nelson for the 20% off deal!

Summer Movies at the Harkins
There is a group of Moms that have chosen AZ Mills Mall on Tuesdays. It's $7/person 3 and up for all 10 movies. When you buy your tickets at any of the Harkins movie theaters, you will tell them which day you would like. The location of where you buy your tickets is the location you are assigned to for the rest of the movies. A list of movies and theaters can be found

Laveen MOMs Club
Please send an email to if you would like more information on the MOMS club in Laveen.

Thanks for a wonderful day at MOPS today!

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