Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Men's Panel 9/16

A special thanks to the men who were on our Men's Panel and gave us some insight into our own husbands. It was a good reminder that we are created differently. I still can't believe guys can sit and think of nothing...really?? Have you prepped your kids that Daddy is coming home and then let them run outside to greet him this week? Have you been showing your husband respect by praising (and not criticizing) him when you're around others? Pretty big challenges....but worth the effort!

Our next meeting is on October 7th and our topic is Friendship. We'll be doing a round of "Speed Friendship" (kind of like speed dating) so don't miss the chance to meet new moms and potential friends! The Daisy table is hosting so contact Rachel (daisy's table leader) at if you have any questions.

Don't forget to start selling those Antiquities Photo coupons to help raise money for the Andrews family. You can go to see examples of the photos. For every coupon sold, families will receive a beautiful 10x13" Antique Color photograph. Photos will be taken at Laveen Baptist Church on November 5th and 6th. Money and contact information is due by October 21st. A member of steering will contact each person the 1st week of November to arrange a time for their photo session and all clothing and props will be provided by Antiquities. Please direct all questions to Jill Fenner at To see updates on Micah Andrews go to

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