Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Operation Christmas Child 11/18

The newest MOPS Mom Members, the Lily Table really 'pampered' us with their 'Chef-like'  abilities.  Thank you so much for sharing the gift of your food offering!
Thank you to the VERY special ladies (steering team moms, mentor moms, and even some veteran MOPS moms - you all know who you are) that have stepped in to help when an extra hand is needed for our MOPPETS.  We thank you for your time, effort, and most of all the beautiful gift you offer by giving up your MOPS time for the sake of other moms.  
Antiquities pictures will be in on Tuesday, Nov. 30th. Come to the nursery to view them and pick up your 10x13. What a great gift for the In-Laws.. eh? E-mail Jill with questions jillinaz@cox.net
Our next meeting on December 2nd, Terry Rosello will present us with a talk on In-Law Issues. (Sounds like a gifted speaker)
Presently, Magnolia is up for hosting the December 2nd meeting Contact Nicole at nicole.cameron14@yahoo.com with questions.
The presence of our MOPPET workers, allows us to enjoy some great experiences together during our MOPS meetings, so please remember to sign the cards and bring a small donation for Christmas Thank-Yous for our MOPPET workers at on December 2nd.
Well, that about wraps it up...  We hope you are planning on being present December 2nd!

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