Thursday, November 3, 2011

Who is in your Circle of Relationships?

Our cooler weather has arrived and the holidays have officially begun!   What a relief to finally have such wonderful cooler weather!  Time to spend as much time as we can outdoors. 

At today's meeting moms watched a video on "Circle of Relationships".   The video emphasized the importance of a mother's support network.   A mother who feels supported and with strong relationships is a "better mother" for her children.   A mother has a several layers in her circle of relationships, ranging from her inner circle of closest friends and family, to her outer circle of physicans, and teachers. 

Thanks so much to the Emerald table for hosting today's delicious breakfast! 

We hope you can join us this Friday, Nov. 4 for our 'Frugal Movie Night' at Monica's home.  Please see Evite for more information.

Laveen Baptist Church will be a drop off site for Operation Christmas Child (OCC).  Please sign up to help us out during the week of Nov. 14-Nov. 21.  Thanks! 

At our next MOPS meeting on Nov. 17, we will be hosting a packing party for Operation Christmas Child.   Hope to see you then!

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