Saturday, March 20, 2010


The MOPS Swap was a huge success and...with no injuries!

With about 15 MOPS Moms and all of their stuff, we had a full house of items.
The hot items seemed to be two pack and plays, a gorgeous bedding set, child size table and chairs, some classy clothing from our own very stylish moms closets, kids toys, shoes and attire (some with the tags still on!).. that wasn't all of it! This event showed God's providence multiple times as the items that ladies had on their everlasting "things needed list" just seemed to show up ~ for FREE!

Looking forward to our play date this coming Thursday at 9:30am Trailside.

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Claire said...

I loved, loved, loved the MOPS Swap!! I saved at least $150 by getting things there that I needed to buy for our house or my kids anyway. This was such a great idea. can we do it every year???