Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spa Day - March 04, 2010

A delightful relaxing meeting was experienced by all today! So sorry to have missed you if you were not able to make it, or rather so sorry for you that you missed out!
From Chocolate Dipped strawberries, to Paraffin Dipped hands... we sure did dip into something wonderful today. Already looking forward to SPA Day next year! Thank you all of the ladies who put so much effort into a banner day!

Speaking of effort, we had some sensational food provided by the Bronze table. The best way to describe such a spread would be a beautiful variety pack of pleasure! MMmmmmmM!

Upcoming Events…

March 18th Laveen MOPS Swap Meeting.
See "Let's SWAP on March 18th" post below for more details.

Park Date Thursday March 25th
Trailside Point Park 9:30-11:30

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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